Unique Tympanometer

  • Type I Immittance Audiometer/ Clinical & Research

  • Multi Screen Display/ show 4 tests simultaneously

  • Child Distraction /During obtaining tests presents an animation

  • Tympanometry with 226, 678, 800, 1000 Hz Probe tones

  • Eustachian Tube Function Test /Intact and Perforated T.M

  • Manual and Automatic Acoustic Reflex Test/ Ipsi & Contra

  • Manual Acoustic Reflex Decay Test/ Ipsi & Contra

  • Pure Tone Audiometry/ AC & Capable of Saving Audiograms

  • Save and Transfer Data to” P.Ava Application” Via USB Cable

  • Ergonomic Design, Colorful 7″ LCD, External Thermal Printer


Comparison Table of Tympanometers