Insert Phone PA3A

Audiometry is used to measure the sensitivity of hearing across frequencies. During audiometry, sounds are presented to the patient using different types of earphones. Using insert earphones can lead to improved noise reduction and better interaural attenuation.
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Product Information :

PA3A insert earphone has three parts: a transducer to convert electrical energy to sound, a conduit to deliver the sound into the ear canal, and a coupler connecting the device to the canal.

There are several applications and advantages to using an insert earphone.

  • Improved noise reduction
  • Better interaural attenuation
  • Prevents a collapsed ear canal
  • Improved clinical assessment

PA3A is connectable to all standard audiometers.

PA3A is an option for Twins or Quick audiometers. You can add PA3A to your audiometer and enjoy the ease of masking the thresholds.

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