MEA Contra Headset

In acoustic reflex testing, acoustic immittance measures are used to assess the neural pathway surrounding the stapedial reflex, which occurs in response to a loud sound (70 to 90dB above threshold).
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Pejvak Ava contra headset  has three parts: TDH-39 reciever, headband and contra cable.

The acoustic reflex, also known as the stapedius reflex refers to an involuntary muscle contraction of the stapedius muscle in response to a high-intensity sound stimulus. Due to ease of administration and information yielded, the acoustic reflex is considered one of the most powerful differential diagnostic audiological procedures.

For the contralateral or crossed acoustic reflex, present the stimulus to the ear opposite the ear that is monitored for response. The assessed pathway involves the ipsilateral cochlea, ventral cochlear nucleus, and CN VIII; the pathway crosses the trapezoid body and then involves the contralateral medial superior olive, CN VII and its motor nucleus, and the stapedius muscle.

Pejvak Ava contra headset  is connectable to all of our tympanometers.

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