Touch Patient Switch

Audiometry is the most commonly used test to measure auditory sensitivity. Pure-tone signals are delivered to the ear via air conduction and bone conduction at a variety of frequencies, and the patient responds to the sound by signaling the examiner with a button or by raising a hand
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Product Information :

No need to push button, touch patient switch ease the audiometry process.

The cable is of 120 cm to 5 m extendable, With 6.3 mm stereo/mono jack plug.

lightweight hand switch.

Material: ABS material

  • Ideal for audiometry: silent switch..
  • Handsome: Handle in different colors (red, blue, black, white)..
  • Ergonomic: feels good in the hand.
  • Patient response button (Patient Response Switch), suitable for most audiometric devices
  • Can be ordered with mono and stereo plugs
  • In blue, red and black colors


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