PCA 87 Screening Audiometer (PC Based)

An Audiometer delivers sounds at different frequencies and loudness levels with a circum-aural headphone. The patient raises a hand, presses a button or says “yes” when he/she hears sounds. The audiologist records the responses on an audiogram. Pure-tone testing presents tones across the speech spectrum (500 to 8,000 Hz) to determine if the patient's hearing levels fall within normal limits. A quiet testing environment, calibrated audiometric equipment, and an audiologist are required for in-office testing. Pure-tone audiometry may help to appropriately refer patients to a clinical audiologist or otolaryngologist.
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Product Information :
  • Type IV audiometer/ Screening Purposes
  • Special Application
  • Save Patients Profile, Otoscopic and Tuning Fork Test Results
  • Save Thresholds on Graph
  • Print Test Results
  • Maximum Output : 100 dB HL
  • Presenting Pulsatile and Continuous Signals
  • C & Free Field Output
  • USB Connection
  • Windows 7/32 Bit & XP are supported
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