SOS Comrade

Personal alarms are a convenient way for elderly or disabled people who live alone to call for help if they are injured, or fall, for example. By a light touch the SOS comrade will activates. Natural gas and carbon monoxide detection system has extra loud alarms as well as flashing strobe lights, depending on your need. There are also bed-vibrating fire alarms that have a component that goes under your pillow or mattress—depending on its strength—and alerts you to a fire by shaking you awake.
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Alarms and alerting devices

Rehabilitation products

Alerting and alarm devices designed for people who are hearing impaired keep you connected and safe every day and in emergency situations. They mostly use one or more of these types of signals:

  • Visual: A bright flashing light
  • Vibrotactile: A vibrating or shaking component
  • Auditory: increased volume and use of lower frequency sounds

In general, alerting devices include specialized alarm clocks, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors, doorbell and phone signalers, baby cry alerts, and weather alerts. Many of these are intended to be used when a person is asleep and not wearing their hearing aid.

As smartphone technology improves, many of these functions are possible via your phone. For example, if you have a doorbell camera, you can turn on vibrating phone notifications when the camera senses motion or someone rings the bell.

Master Comrade

The main piece of the alerting devices that all the properties of this package will connect to it.

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