TDH39 Audiometric Headphone

Pure-tone audiometry is the most commonly used test to measure auditory sensitivity. Pure-tone signals are delivered to the ear via air conduction and bone conduction at a variety of frequencies. TDH-39 headphone is the desired trancducer for air conduction pathway
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Product Information :

Receiver Type: Dynamic, with metal diaphragm
Impedance: TDH-39P – 10 ohms
Frequency Response: 100 Hz to 8000 Hz
Continuous Power Rating: 300 mW at any single frequency in the 100 Hz to 8000 Hz range
Linearity: Linearity for power inputs from 0 to 400 mW
Sensitivity: TDH-39P – 108 dB + 4 dB SPL (reference: 0 dB=20 µPA) Output with
1 mW watt input at 1 KHz
Distortion: Less than 1 percent

The TDH Series earphones conform to the ANSI S-3.6 1989 specifications, and are loudness balanced with the reference threshold sound pressure levels on the 9A coupler recorded in the ANSI standard. The earphones are optimally designed to provide high sensitivity, low distortion, and a wide, Smooth frequency response, and can be ordered individually or in matched pairs. Because of their consistent performance and durability, the TDH Series earphones are suitable for calibration of audiometric equipment.

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