Twins Audiometer

The Twins two-channel clinical audiometer is a stand-alone device that offers various features required by an audiology clinic. It allows the user to perform airway, bone, speech, and masking tests accurately and quickly. The device has a dedicated page for each test, including automatic TDT tests and the ABLB exam specific page. It can perform High-Frequency Audiometry up to 16 KHz, connect to VRA, and the Free Field system, and has an extensive internal setting. The device has an LCD color touch screen and internal memory for 100 patients, and information can be transferred to a computer through a LAN cable.The device also features a SISI test page, which can help differentiate between cochlear and cochlear nerve lesions. Additionally, the WEBER test can be used to differentiate between sensory-neural and transmission lesions. The Twins audiometer covers an intensity range of dB HL120-10 in steps of 1 and 5 dB, and it also has an intensity and frequency zoom screen to aid in testing.
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Product Information :

Twins two-channel clinical audiometer, with simple and convenient operation, provides all the features that an audiology clinic needs.
As a stand alone audiometer, it allows the user to quickly and accurately perform all airway, bone, speech and masking tests.

  • Ability to perform automatic TDT test in several different standard methods.
  • ABLB exam specific page to show the presence/absence of recruitment in the chart
  • page dedicated to SISI test to differentiate cochlear and cochlear lesions
  • The possibility of performing High Frequency Audiometry up to 16 KHz to assess tinnitus and monitor ototoxicity
  • WEBER test to differentiate between sensory-neural and transmission lesions
  • Separate pages for each test.
  • Extensive internal settings.
  • Ability to connect to VRA
  • Ability to connect to the Free Field system
  • LCD color touch screen: 240*320.
  • Internal memory for 100 patients.
  • Retrieving and transferring information and data to a computer through a LAN cable
  • Coverage of the intensity range dB HL120-10 in steps of 1 and 5 dB Yes
  • Ability to use INSERT PHONE
  • Intensity and frequency zoom screen

Pediatric assessment

  • Connecting to the VRA and Free field system along with the ability to send narrow band noise and warble provides the possibility of evaluating children easily.

Assessment of tinnitus

  • Increasing and decreasing one decibel in intensity steps, performing High Frequency Audiometry up to 16 KHz, providing narrow band noise provide facilities for evaluating and covering tinnitus.
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