VRA Patient Switch

audiometry is the most commonly used test to measure auditory sensitivity. Pure-tone signals are delivered to the ear via air conduction and bone conduction at a variety of frequencies, and the patient responds to the sound by signaling the examiner with a button or by raising a hand.
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Product Information :

Plastic animated push button for audiometry. Robust and at the same time lightweight hand switch for patient response. With 6.3 mm mono jack plug and 1.5 meter long cable. Fits all standard audiometers with 6.3 mm mono jack socket and With 6.3 mm stereo jack plug that fits audiometers with 6.3 mm stereo jack socket.


-made of Plastic
– Ideal for audiometry: noiseless patient button.
– Beautiful: Push buttons available in various colors and designs
– Ergonomic: feels good in the hand.
– Service-friendly: the cable can be replaced if necessary.

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