T-VRA 95

The Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) test measures hearing sensitivity and is for patients who are not able to perform traditional testing due to age or developmental limitations. The test is typically performed on children aged seven months to two and a half years.
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Product Information :

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) is a fun and engaging hearing test in young children. 

Pejvak Ava VRA system is a manually-controlled VRA tool and is a supplement to audiometers and traditional behavioral audiometry.

This device is a valuable accessory for your audiometry setup and will make hearing testing more fun for your pediatric patients.


You perform the hearing test in a free-field setup or with headphones. Pejvak Ava VRA system provides the visual reward, and you present the sound with the audiometer. If the infant or child produces a correct response, you push the response switch. This illuminates an animated toy located behind tinted Plexiglas. This rewards the child for hearing the sound stimulus and for taking part in the test.

  • For use in infants and children from six months to three years of age
  • Establish lower and more accurate thresholds
  • Easy to add to your current audiometry setup
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